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Christian Baptism vs Mikvah Tevilah Hebrew Way

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Christian Baptism vs Mikvah Tevilah Hebrew Way
Christian Baptism vs Mikvah Tevilah Hebrew Way

Take away from this video:

  1. Immersing is straight down, untouched, without help, and not falling backward.
  2. Falling backward is the pagan way.
  3. You do it in living water. (Water that sustains life)
  4. You start with the water about shoulder high.
  5. You say your prayer that you prepared and then fully immerse (dip) your whole body, straight down.
  6. When you come out of your watery ‘grave,’ you praise Yahuah.
  7. You may repeat if you wish.
  8. You do it yourself with witnesses present. You can have an elder or office bearer present to assist with the procedure if you so wish.
  9. (63:10) You can do it yourself. If you want witnesses, great. Take witnesses out with you, find some living waters, and do your dip.
  10. The Catholic Church claims that if they immerse a child, they have them for life. The Jesuits say that we have a child through water for life. So you have to renounce it. Reverse the curse, break it away, make a covenant with Yahuah and start things fresh.

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Christian Baptism vs Mikvah Tevilah Hebrew Way

Derek Prince (water baptism part 1)


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Take away from this video: (Be sure to watch it!)

  1.  John’s baptism.
    Christian baptism. (is not the same.)
    Baptism in the Holy Spirit.
    Three distinct baptisms.
  2. Baptism is total immersion.
  3. Repentance is the most crucial single message.
  4. Confession of sins. (Private or Public)
  5. Evidence of a changed life. (Bear fruit of Repentance) (13:36)
  6. Baptize in the name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  7. Christian baptism is not a baptism of repentance. (You have to have done that already) 
  8. You’re baptized to fulfill all righteousness.
  9. Baptism is an identification with Jesus in His death, burial, and resurrection.

Derek Prince (water baptism part 2)


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Take away from this video: (Be sure to watch it!)

  1. If you want to go on living your own life you should not be baptized.
  2. Must have heard and believe the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. The gospel is three historical facts: Jesus died, He was buried, He rose again.
  4. If you believe that, it’s reckoned to you as righteousness, you are justified.
  5. We have no right to baptize people who have not been confronted by the simple facts of the gospel.
  6. The next requirement was repentance.
  7. You have no scriptural guarantee of salvation unless you’ve been baptized as a believer.
  8. The fourth condition is that you can answer God with a good conscience.
  9. The four conditions for being baptized as a believer. 1. You have to have heard the gospel. 2. You have to have repented. 3. You have to believe the gospel. 4. You have to have a good conscience toward God.
  10. An infant is incapable of fulfilling any of those four conditions.
  11. Teaching for baptism need not take a long time.
  12. When Jesus died on the cross our sinful carnal rebellious nature was executed in him.
  13. We are baptized into Christ, we’re not baptized into a denomination or a church.
  14. We need to understand our new life is empowered by the Holy Spirit, the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead.
  15. To keep your deliverance you be baptized in water because that’s the cutoff. It’s not the blood, the blood saves you from Egypt, the water separates you from Egypt.
  16. This is a very serious subject much more serious than most denominations and churches recognized today.
  17. I am not telling you that if you’re not baptized, but you’re a believer, you will not be saved. That’s between you and the Lord. But I have no authority to tell you that you will be saved. Because it says, he who believes and is baptized, will be saved.

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Who is qualified to baptize Believers


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Take away from this video:
(Be sure to watch it!)

  1. Question is three-fold:
    a) Who is able to be baptized
    b) The mode
    c) Who is able to perform the baptism?
  2. Who is able to be baptized?
    Christians, Believers. “Those who received His Word…”
  3. The right order. Repent and be baptized. Believe and be baptized.
    First, they received the Word… and THEN were baptized.
  4. Never are we told that an unbeliever was baptized.
  5. Mode: In other words, should we immerse them? (dip under) (03:29) The word baptize in Greek means Immerse in English.
  6. What is the symbolism of baptism?(05:35)
    Colossians 2:12, “Having been buried with him in baptism.” The symbolism is burial. The symbolism is not carried out if I just splash a couple of drops of water on your forehead.
  7. No, it does not have to be immersion in water. (06:14) The word is “immerse.” What we’re immersed in has to be declared. When Christ said He had a baptism to be baptized with, He was going to be baptized (immersed) by the wrath of God. (06:31)
  8. So yes, we can be immersed in various substances, so we have to look at the context to see what it is we’re immersed into. (06:50)
  9. Who is able to perform the baptism? (06:59)
  10. (07:07) Matthew 28? I mean if his pastor comes to him and says, you didn’t have the authority to do that. He can say, well then, so I have the authority to make disciples? Right? Because they both go together in the Great Commission.
  11. Who do we find baptizing? You see, a lot of times we can look at direct commands, sometimes we want to look at Scripture to draw principles out.
  12. I can tell you this, Matthew 28, doesn’t seem to be specific. In fact, there is no commandment that specifically says a man has to be ordained to baptize. It’s not there.
  13. (08:06) Anybody who wants to make a case for that, they’re making a case somehow from silence, or they’re trying to extract principles from Scripture, but they don’t have a direct commandment that says only ordained men, or only pastors, or only elders, or only apostles. There’s nothing like that.
  14. All the examples we have from the early church, only show ordained men.
  15. Men may speculate, but I think at best, that’s what we do – it’s speculation.
  16. And I would say it’s in your best interest to submit to your pastors on that point. If he’s got a strong conviction there, definitely submit to him in it.

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4 Conditions to be baptized.

1. You have to have heard the Gospel.
2. You have to have repented. 
3. You have to believe the gospel.
4. You have to have a good conscience toward Yahuah.

One more thought.
What is living water? Is a tub/bath living water? Is a swimming pool living water? Is living water, water that sustains and contain life? 

Is the water that you have in mind, deep enough for you to stand in and is it shoulder height, so you can dip straight down?

These ‘rules’ are all man-made. (in my view – make sure for yourself) Pray about it and decide for yourself.

Personalized Prayer (Pre Dip)

It is advised that you work through all the material, the home page, as well as this, read more page, and watch the videos. After you have done so, write your own personalized prayer or search for one that you feel comfortable with on the internet. (This is my personal one and you are free to use it, should you wish. It is my own words, compiled from the videos) Then memorize it or print it out for a witness to read for you line by line which you repeat while standing ready in the water.

My Gebed (Voor Onderdompeling)

Yahuah, ek weet dat ek ‘n sondaar is en was.
Ek is jammer.
Ek het berou.
Ek glo dat Yahusha vir my gesterf het.
Ek glo dat ek, deur geloof in Hom, geregverdig word en as regverdig beskou word.
Ek het alles gedoen wat ek kan, in my toestand as sondaar.
Yahusha, U is die deur. Ek wil nou deur U ingaan en uitgaan en weiding vind.
Yahuah, aanvaar my asseblief.
Ek word nou in Yahusha Hamasiach gedompel, in die Naam van Yahuah, Yahusha en die Ruach HaQuadesh.

Sak reguit af, onderwater geheel en al. Jy is nou in jou ‘water graf’. Kom op en prys Yahuah.

My Prayer (Pre Dip)

Yahuah, I know I was a sinner.
I am sorry. 
I repent. 
I believe Yahusha died for me. 
I believe that through faith in Him I’m justified and reckoned righteous. 
I’ve done all I can Yahuah in my condition as a sinner. 
Please accept me.

I am now being immersed into Yahusha Hamasiach, in the Name of Yahuah, Yahusha, and the Ruach HaQuadesh.

Dip straight down underwater completely (you are now in your ‘watery grave’), come up, Praising Yahuah!

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